What Our Students Have To Say About Pole!

 I love pole because of the strength and confidence if gives you. Working hard to achieve moves you never thought you could do. And once you achieve that move it’s the best feeling in the world. You never get bored because you are constantly learning something new and improving.




I am so glad I joined (pole fitness) as I have met new pole sisters and we are a close-knit family. We encourage and help each other without judgement! The laughs and the great fun we have is out of this world! I love the fact that this is one of the best workouts that I have done. It takes you out of your comfort zone and builds your confidence up like crazy. I have build strength, energy and most of all… Self Confidence!

– Stephanie



I am so proud of myself. I workout multiple times a week. I do something I absolutely love for me. I have noticed a change in my body and how I feel about it. I have always been a skinny girl but I am finally getting some definition to my body. I feel so confident in myself now more then ever. I can not rave enough about pole and all the positive things that come from it.

– Victoria



I absolutely love everything about pole fitness! I have been in Aradia for a year and I am addicted!! My absolute favorite pole move is the inverted crucifix. 1 year ago I despised the way I looked! I didn’t feel sexy and I was a weakling haha! Today I feel incredible and I’m 50 pounds lighter! I love ARADIA!

  – Nakita



Joining pole fitness was one of the best decisions I ever made. I discovered my passion. I discovered a fun activity that I cannot wait to do every week, and get stronger and more fit with every class. I get to hang out with amazing ladies and do something challenging that me feel amazing.

– Heather



Aradia has been such an incredible discovery for me. For years I have been experiencing chronic back pain and since I began pole 6 months ago I’ve been gaining muscle in my back that has significantly reduced my back pain. I’m loving all my new found strength and confidence.

– Cheryl