I’ve taken classes from another Pole studios, do I have to start from the beginning?

Thank you for choosing Aradia Fitness! As Pole Fitness continues to grow more popular and become more mainstream, we understand that many ladies and gentlemen have taken or tried pole dancing previously. We certainly cannot wait to welcome you into the Aradia Fitness family as you continue your pole journey.

Our goal is to place you into a level where you will feel comfortable.  We know it is often intimidating to get started at a new studio as class structure, teaching styles and pole technique names vary from studio to studio.

If you have previous experience, it’s not necessary for you to start from the beginning. Simply contact the studio, and we will figure out the best class that suits your ability.

I’m Brand New to Pole Dancing.  Where Do I Start?

We ask that students who are brand new to Pole Dancing start with an Introduction to Pole Teaser Class! This is a one time only class that is designed to give you a taste of both the fitness side of pole as well as the sensual side!

How long are the classes?

Our Pole Dancing and Sensual Fitness program is taught differently throughout the studios. Some studios have a 4-week drop-in format, some studios have a set 6-week format, and some studios have combined program format. But be assured that every student has the same high quality class. Each class is a 1-hour class, and depending on whether or not you enrol in a 6-week format, your class frequency may vary. Classes consist of floor work and pole work (spins, strength holds and dance moves) to create a total body workout.

What Do I Wear to a Class?

We wear normal workout clothing – what you feel comfortable to move around in. As you progress to the higher levels, skorts or shorts are encouraged (especially for inverting). We dance barefoot or wear Foot Undeez. After Level Three, students are welcome to bring in their dance shoes or boots. On the day of class, please refrain from applying hand lotion as this makes hands slippery and dangerous for use. At the time of class, please remove rings, bracelets and watches.

I’m feeling a bit shy! What can I expect from my first class?

No worries! Most students feel shy and nervous in their first class, but once they walk through our door and enter our studio – they feel welcomed and encouraged!

Our studio is private, with no more than 10-12 people per class.  Our instructors are encouraging, non-judgmental and lots of fun!

Our program consists of floor, mat and pole work, which comes together to build a total body workout with the fun of course!

How do I sign up for a class?

The best way to sign up for a class, is to visit our “Schedule” page under “Classes” and click on the class that you would like to sign up for. Pre-payment is required to hold a spot in the class. You can also register for a class by contacting the studio through email or phone. Payment options can then be discussed.

Do you offer Drop in Classes?

Many of our locations offer drop in classes along with their level programs. It’s best to contact the studio to ask about their drop in class options.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, many of our locations offer private and semi-private lessons. These are customized lessons, based on the clients’ interests and goals. To find out more about private lessons, please contact the studio through email or phone.

What is your missed class policy?

Each studio has a policy for missed classes, please check the policy tab and contact the studio through email if you are going to miss a class and need to make alternative arrangements. It’s best if a client knows of a missed class ahead of time (ie. Vacation, schedule conflict) then to organize this as soon as possible. Communication is key.

Do you have a refund policy?

Each studio has a policy for refunds. Please check the policy tab for all the details.

How do students benefit from Aradia Fitness classes?

At Aradia Fitness, clients are always meeting new friends and basking in the light-hearted community of exceptional men and women.  You will begin to feel confident and capable as you notice increased muscle strength & definition.  Clients also find that their flexibility improves as they engage in movement that works their body’s natural and form.  Even more, their sense of wellness increases as they learn to take a moment in their busy days to breathe.

Our dance & movement classes seek to help our students learn to embrace their sensuality as an important part of their overall well being.  At Aradia Fitness, we strive to offer the classes you can’t find at any typical gym… workouts that are not only challenging, but fun as well!

Who attends Aradia Fitness classes?

Aradia Fitness classes appeal to men and women from all walks of life.  Our clients are career men and women, stay-at-home mothers, fathers and students… women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels.  Our clients range in age from 18-62; however most clients range in age from late-20s to mid-40s.  Our students proudly represent the full spectrum of the human body– we have freckles, curves, wisdom lines and dimples – all of which we unapologetically show off and celebrate!

Who teaches Aradia Fitness classes?

Aradia Fitness instructors share a lot with our clients, as they were once students themselves!  We are just like you and we loved classes so much that we just had to teach.  Even more, Aradia Fitness instructors complete a rigorous internship & training program before taking both a written & practical exam to obtain an Aradia Fitness Instructor Certification.  Some of our instructors include medical technicians, teachers, stay-at-home mothers & fathers, IT Techs and more!

Are the classes overly sexy?

Men & Women today are striving for authenticity.  They are looking to achieve balance in their mind, body & soul.  At Aradia Fitness, we understand that sensuality is a beautiful part of who we are and what we bring to this world.

In our studio, we teach everyone to unapologetically love their bodies and themselves.  In our beginner pole dance fitness classes, you will learn to shift & sway your hips as you walk.  You will learn how to take the time to transition between stretches by running your hand over your hips & embracing the curves of your body.  On the pole, you will quickly learn to move with confidence & finish off your spins with a gentle & beautiful back arch.

Our classes are super comfy, light-hearted and full of laughter!

I haven’t worked out in a long time… will I be able to keep up?


The great thing about Aradia Fitness classes is that everyone is new to this form of fitness… so everyone learns together.  Our yoga-based workout in the beginner pole dance fitness classes is designed to gently build the strength & flexibility you will need to advance on the pole.  Our pole dance fitness classes are broken down into seven comprehensive levels.  Everyone starts in Pole 1 and is allowed to progress at their own pace.

How do clients advance or progress through the pole levels?

Clients quickly discover that pole dancing is not quite as easy as it looks!  Pole dance fitness is a form of movement that is unlike any activity you have done before.  After your first class, you will feel how sore your new “pole muscles” are.

At Aradia Fitness, safety is a top priority.  While we appreciate the enthusiasm of clients who want to advance quickly to do “that cool trick” that they saw on YouTube, we urge you to keep the age-old saying in mind – “You can’t run before you can walk!”

Depending on the time clients are prepared to invest in their pole fitness journey, we have found it takes students anywhere from 8-16 classes before they can safely & properly perform the techniques, tricks & spins of each level.  The last thing we want is for a client to injure himself or herself attempting a technique that their body is not yet ready for.

Is there an age requirement to take your classes?

Due to the inherent sensual nature of most Aradia Fitness classes, all clients must be eighteen years of age or older to attend classes at our studio.  We CAN offer a “toned down” version of our pole fitness classes for younger groups, however this would need to be scheduled as a private lesson and parental waivers will be required.

Do I have to wear those crazy shoes?

In levels 1 and 2 you will dance barefoot. After that, you are welcome to wear high heels if you’d like to. Heels definitely increase the workout (not to mention they make your legs looks great AND they’re sexy!) but they are NOT required. If you DO choose to wear shoes, please make sure they are pole dance shoes with an ankle strap or dance boots. We know you have TONS of fabulous shoes in your closet, but unfortunately those are not acceptable shoes for the studio. If you have any questions as to what acceptable pole shoes are, just ask us – we are happy to help.

Is there any nudity?

Nope – no nudity!  Some classes may teach striptease techniques but your “parts” will be covered at all times.

Are men allowed in class?

ABSOLUTELY! Pole fitness is an exciting alternative fitness option that is acceptable for all genders. Contact the studio for further information.

Do you sell gift certificates?

We sure do! Our gift certificates are the perfect gift and they are available in any denomination. If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, please contact the studio.

My best friend is getting married! Do you host bachelorette parties?

Of course – we host parties for ANY occasion! Please visit the “Parties” page of the website for more information.

Is there a weight limit for class?

No weight limit for the Intro to Pole Dancing or Level 1 Pole Class. The weight limit for classes beyond basic pole classes can range from 200-350lbs, due to the different manufactures of the pole. It would be best to contact the studio to check. However, there is no weight limit for flexibility and floor work classes and specialty classes such as lap dancing, striptease, and chair dancing also have no weight limit.

I don’t have a dance background (and to tell you the truth, I’m not even that coordinated!). Can I still take class?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, most of our students have no dance background. (And you might be surprised to find out how coordinated you are after a few classes!)

What if I want to take more than one class a week?

We think that’s a great idea! Check out the memberships tab.

How much do classes cost?

For complete pricing information, please visit the “Pricing” tab under the “Classes” page

I have NO upper body strength! Can I still take class?

You sure can! Our classes will help you build upper body strength.

Have a great day if there is a question that we have not answered please free to email.